Takmeel real estate development came into existence in 2017 as a boutique real estate development. The founding members started this project with a clear vision of making Takmeel a company that will provide high-end villas and apartments at affordable prices.

Mission Statement

Takmeel is a company that strictly adheres to the principles of sustainability, comfort, safety and durability. Therefore, it endeavors to create uniquely streamlined spaces. We design for a better quality of life, and we appreciate great designs for both their beauty and function. We pay extraordinary attention to design details without compromising on the quality of materials, for instance using natural materials for their grace and durability. Read More

Since we care for our valued customers, we aspire to construct villas and apartments of premium quality and ensure that the hard-earned money of our customers is well spent.



Mian Asad Bashir is the C.E.O of the company and successful businessman. He has over 20 years of industry experience having two business entities in the UAE. His first introduction into the dynamic real estate industry was from Ajman in 2006 with setup of Asad building Contracting L.L.C. having taken a step with onset of the financial crisis of 2007-08 he was faced with a difficult challenge. But his unique, innovative and contemporary designs proved resilient and popular in the market and hence has not looked back since then. Since 2006 he has designed and developed over 300 villas and residential and commercial buildings thus cementing a brand name in the market. As a result of this success to back it up, he had the confidence to start Takmeel Real Estate Development in Dubai.


Sheikh Tariq Ali, the Managing Director of Takmeel Real Estate Development, is a man of high principals and integrity. He has been in the construction business for the last ten years. With his strongly defined work ethics, he continues to work as an ardent and enthusiastic businessman. He is always open to new ideas and innovations. The freshness of his approach to every new project that he begins makes his product unique, durable, exquisite and elegant. He believes in providing the best to his clients without compromising on the quality of his work.

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Divine Residences - Arjan

Divine Residences - Arjan

Divine Golf Residences - Al Zorah

Divine Golf Residences - Al Zorah

Divine Golf Villas - Al Zorah

Divine Golf Villas - Al Zorah